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Here at LGH Consulting Inc., we are available to step in and assist you and your company in any stage of your financial process. We can perform bookkeeping tasks for you to generate monthly or periodic financial statements.

"We believe that the management of your business or your home is team effort. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to develop the best plan, to monitor it and to help modify as needed - the inevitable taxes should be the least legal taxes. No one has an obligation to pay more than the minimum tax and all legal avoidance measures should be used".

Minimum taxes flow from tax planning and use of financial and accounting methods that result in the best returned income position. It is often too late to benefit from avoidable taxes at the tax reporting due date.

Taxes paid do nothing for you. Taxes avoided improve your financial position. Tax planning and reporting is an area of concentration for use because of the benefits to our clients. This applies to individuals, corporations, partnerships or estates. Non-residents and aliens have special laws that affect them. We understand those laws.

Whether you participate in tax planning or wait until the last minutes, we will obtain the best result available when we prepare your taxes. We can only begin to tell you about our company and the services we can provide.

Contact us to discuss your needs. Regardless of whether your needs are in an area of high specialization or you have more general types of problems, service to you and the protection of your financial position is our major concern.

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You can also send us a message directly through the contact page of this website.